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Software for hotels reservations management

Software for hotels reservations management

Dear Hoteliers,

We developed the cheapest, fastest and useful Software for hotels reservations management.

Are you still using Microsoft Excel to keep your reservations records?

With our Reservations Manager you can have all data for reserervations, customers and partners together in one place which is accessible from everywhere on any device (PC, mobile phones, Tablets). It can manage unlimited number of records and has NO monthly or annual fees. Just pay Buy now price of EUR 250.00 and we will install it for free on your server. If you don't have your own server than we can host it on our servers, but this service costs additional fee of EUR 20.00 / year.

Software for hotels reservations management

Here are the major functions of our Reservations Manager:


1. Rooms / apartments

It handles unlimited number of rooms / apartments

2. Partners

It handles unlimited number of partners. You can set up each partner with different commission size and when you add a new reservations the system will calculate the commission amount for each reservation

3. Customers

It handles unlimited number of customers. You can use this menu to retrieve information about customer

4. My reservations

This is a listing with your reservations. It allows you to search for a reservation by specific search filters

5. Accounting

It takes just one click to get the needed accounting information. Very useful menu

6. Email notifications

This allows you to inform unlimited number of users for new or edited reservation, to get daily reports each morning at 6.00a.m. for today's reservations and check outs

7. Administrators

Adding and removing administrators. You can set up what each administrator can do and see.

8. Adding / Editing reservations

You can add reservations manually, but also for the main online brokers like Booking.com | Expedia.com | Airbnb.com we added automated reservation upload. It takes just 2 seconds to upload a reservation from above sources. We can add more automated partners if you request it but this will cost one-time additional fee. Contact us for more information

If you decide to buy our Reservations Manager, this is what you get:

1. Software pack

2. Free installation & Training

3. Free 1 year technical support

4. Sixt months free updates

Software Reservations manager

FOR DEMO version Please click here

If you are interested call us at: +359 889 77 87 88 or Email us at: info@web-site-maker.eu

Look forward to answer all of your questions

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